Special 3D Application For Housing Projects New Generation Project Sales Management Version 4.0 - CRM Integration



3D Effective Presentation

Provide an immersive experience with 3D site plan, circle plans and circle simulation rides. Easily measure the distance of your project to different locations with distance meter

Smart Sales

Find the number of rooms, m2, price range, floor height, on sale, optional and sold flats in seconds and send an e-mail to your customer.

CRM Integration

Eliminate the confusion by pulling the current sales status and price information on a single record with the api key bridge that we will establish between Tekno Smart S and your CRM software


Your Project On All Platforms

You can use Tekno Smart S application on different devices. You can promote your project in your sales office, out-of-office events or agencies, and increase the effectiveness of your sales channels.

Touch kiosk

You can interactively introduce our application with our own 43 inch 4K multi-touch kiosk.


Make your sales office feel special for your customers with touch-screen All In One PCs


Keep in touch with your customers after the presentation with your project, which can be downloaded from mobile application stores


Thanks to VR technology, you can visit your apartment with all the details while your project site is in progress. So let your customers live in the apartment they roam, fascinate them.

HTC Vive


  • What is the difference of Tekno Smart S application from the present presentation methods?
    With our 3D application, you can make an interactive presentation by touching the project and enchant your customers. Compass, real daylight, pedestrian and vehicle animation, sky effects provide a realistic experience. So you can be more memorable than other projects. By connecting your CRM program to Tekno Smart S, you can find the sales apartments in seconds within the customer criteria. So you don't have to walk around the model, count the floors with the laser, grapple with the apartment plan cards, and constantly return to your CRM program with the customer's different demands. With our 3D plan, sample apartment simulation tour and apartment view in our application, you can accelerate your customer's apartment selection and save time in sales process.
  • How to use Tekno Smart S effectively?
    Our application has a simplified interface that is easy to use. Your customers can comfortably review your project on their own on busy days, so you can take care of more customers during your campaign periods. In order to appeal to foreign investors, many language options are integrated into the application. You can introduce all your completed and ongoing projects in your head office through a single application, and you can have an impressive experience with VR virtual reality glasses in the technology corner you will create in your sales office. With the technique we use in our practice, there are no complaints of dizziness and nausea during VR glasses rides. Your domestic and international agencies can market your project with your customer as mobile, and you can make hot sales thanks to the CRM integration you can open. Design and manufacture our company's multi-touch 43'in 4K resolution kiosk, you can draw attention to your fairs and launch events. With our application, which can be downloaded from mobile stores, your customer communication continues 24/7.
  • Is it compatible with every CRM program? Can integration be made into project models?
    It is sufficient for your CRM software company to provide the current price information and sales status data of the flat on a cloud server. Apart from these two data, data such as m2, number of rooms, floor height, view, number of blocks are integrated in our application. We are working in coordination with your company for the infrastructure installation of the necessary hardware during the construction of your model so that we can provide integration between our application and the model. With model integration, we can show the apartments that your customer liked on our model.
  • What is the delivery time of the application?
    Our application consists of many modules such as 2D or 3D site plan, filtering, CRM bridge, VR glasses integration. Delivery time is determined by the modules you want and the unique block design of your project.
  • How is it costed? Is there a license fee and duration?
    3D modeling is done based on your architectural drawings and rendering visuals. Application cost is calculated according to the number of blocks and apartment plans. There are different application costs depending on the device model to be used. There is no software license fee for each device to be installed, only the filtering and CRM bridge module has a 3 year technical support period.


Click here for our new generation 3D project application and touch kiosk presentation video